Players are nominated by a coach or athletic director. However, the player does not have to be nominated by his/her coach (another coach in the same league/region may nominate a player). Must be high school seniors in good academic standing.

Nominations will close on April 22nd. To nominate a player click here.

In May, a committee of national lacrosse experts will name 44 male high school seniors and 44 female high school seniors to the Under Armour® All-America Team.


Chairman- The chairman oversees all aspects of the list of potential All-Americans and the selection process and is a key member in promoting the team. He or she is responsible for resolving any potential disputes about who belongs on the list by doing additional research or assigning such research to committee members and making a decision. He/she is in steady contact with committee members, committee liaisons and coaches across the country and approves the final committee recommendations and All-American list.

Committee Members- These are the people who are in contact with coaches across the country to develop the list of potential All-Americans. Through research, they must be able to determine which players are among the elite in the country. In three sessions, they, along with the committee chair, will narrow down the list of potential All-Americans. They must have their finger on the pulse of the candidates and review each candidate as research comes in. They are responsible for notifying the players that they have been selected to the team and to play in the game, as well as confirm their attendance at the game.

Committee Liaisons- These are formal appointments throughout the country to relay information to committee members. The job of the Chairman and Committee Members is to constantly be in contact with coaches and insiders around the country throughout the season to track progress of potential candidates and learn which players are separating themselves from the pack. The committee liaisons are those coaches and insiders. Coaches and others throughout the country will be the eyes and ears of the committee members in those regions. They are there to suggest names that may not be on the committee's list, consult in case of disputes, and notify committee members when any players in their region emerge as an elite player.